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As the needs of our community have grown and changed over time, the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando has worked to adapt so that we can help when and where we can do the most good.

But some crucial needs transcend time, requiring our commitment year after year, such as providing spiritual guidance and comfort to those in need. For the past two decades, the Federation has helped to provide that support to Jews in need here in Greater Orlando through a “community rabbi.”  

The Chaplaincy Program in Central Florida, a service provided through a partnership of the Federation and Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando (JFS), touches hundreds of lives each year. Under the supervision of JFS, the community rabbi performs a variety of services to unaffiliated Jews in Central Florida, including burial/memorial services, end-of-life services, and hospital, hospice or home visits. This vital program is there for Jews during life’s most difficult times, and it would not exist without this partnership and the Federation’s investment.

In calendar year 2018 alone, the Chaplaincy Program had a significant impact on lives here in our community. Highlights include:

Number of households served: 632 

Number of individuals served: 1,957

Number of burial/memorial/graveside services: 34 

Number of end-of-life services: 54 

Although the Chaplaincy Program is about people, not statistics, it is hard not to be moved by the number of lives we are touching each year through this one service alone. Thanks to your support of the Federation, you are helping to deliver some of the greatest gifts we can give — comfort, guidance and compassion — to Jews in need and to their families, year after year.  


Thank you and Shabbat Shalom,

Keith Dvorchik