407-645-5933 ext. 236 info@jfgo.org

$25,000 – $99,999

Allan & Diane Goldberg
Anita & Joe Hara
Judith & Robert Hara
The Krinker Family
Mardi Shader
Ron Shader
Barbara Weinreich


$10,000 – $24,199

Dick and Dottie Appelbaum
The Crasnow Family
Robert & Elaine Gamson
Robert and Rachel
  Gebaide & Family
Hank Katzen
Cherie & David Mazer
Sheryl & Julian Meitin
Nina & Dr. Ron Oppenheim
Andy Pargh
Ina & Eli Porth
Barry & Donna Render
Maxine & Paul Rosenthal
Laurie, Marc, Jason
  & Jake Smith
The Soll Family
The Steinberg Family
Dick & Louise Weiner
Dr. Edward and Phyllis
  Zissman & Family


$5,000 – $9,999

Marian & Edward Bromberg
Andrew & Michelle Feinberg
Henrietta & Marc Katzen
Craig & Rhonda Pearlman
Allen & Sandra Saft
Stanley Shader
Bob & Judy Yarmuth

$1,000 – $4,999

Burt & Barbara Chasnov
Stuart & JoAnn Farb
Rhonda Forest
Gary Gould
Brad Jacobs
  & Eve Homburger Jacobs

In the spring of 2016, the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando launched the Campus 2020 Debt Retirement Campaign. Our goal was to eliminate the $4.5 million debt carried by the Jewish Community Campus by January 1, 2020, thus freeing up hundreds of thousands of dollars annually that could be put to better use in our community.

Today our campus is debt-free for the first time in more than 30 years! This achievement was made possible by the limitless generosity of the individuals, couples, families, businesses and Jewish organizations listed on this page.
Our financial debt may be erased, but we are indebted to all of you for the investment you have made in our community’s future.

We give special thanks to those who led the way:

The Harris Rosen Foundation
Your $1 million matching grant gave us the boost we needed to launch this campaign – and it inspired others to join our cause.

Jewish Capital Alliance
Your participation in our campaign provided $300K in matching grants while also benefiting every Jewish agency in Greater Orlando with matching gift funds paid directly to them.

Our Campus 2020 $100,000 Donors

Harriett Lake Z”L & Shelley Lake
Susan and Jerry Roth & Family
Mark & Caryn Israel


$1,000 – $4,999

Diane Jacobs
Joseph & Dara Lahav
Ryan & Amy Lefkowitz
Nancy & Craig Ludin
Ming & Hilary Marx
Ethel & Barry Portnoy
Ian Robinson
Elise & Henry Schilowitz
Eric & Lisa Schwartz
Roz Fuchs Schwartz
Dr. Marc Sharfman
Eric Sugarman
Ben and Maura Weiner

$18 – $999

Rene Brent
Adam Tanielian
  & Afi Eframian
Carol Feuerman
Noel & Judy Galkin
Larry & Deborah Gendzier
Mark Glickman
Martin & Emily Glickstein
Barry & Penny Gold
Drs. Julio & Vicky Hajdenberg
Farlen & Jackie Halikman
Jacob Hara
Ilana Ivan
Paul & Faye Jeser
Joey Korman
Michael & Danielle Krise
Shlomo & Anne Krudo
Dr. Robert & Loren London
Lawrence Gutter
  & Debbie Meitin
Rachel & Darren Pierce
Emily Raij
Audrey Sandford
Anne Simonson
Dr. Louis & Sara Stern
Rabbi Avraham
  & Nechama Wachsman
Jonathan & Laura Waldbaum
Harriet Weiss
Brenda Fisher Wetmore

THE NEW NORMAL: Life without debt

Retiring the Jewish Community Campus debt early will result in annual savings of $381,400 to the Jewish community.

Our campus can once again grow and thrive as a hub of Jewish life for Greater Orlando. With the debt retired, we can now redeploy much-needed funds into our Jewish community. Indeed, the benefits of debt retirement will have a positive ripple effect far beyond our Maitland campus.

Q&A: How it started, What’s next?

Q: How much was the debt?
A:  The principal balances of the two loans that comprised the debt stood at  $3,692,500 (3.75% interest) and $1,068,000 (2.45% interest), for a total of $4,760,500 on December 31, 2015. Thanks to money raised through the Campus 2020 Debt Retirement Campaign (launched in early 2016), regular loan payments made by the Federation, and the sale of a vacant campus building, the debt was retired nearly a decade early.


Q: Now that this campaign was a success and the debt has been retired, what assurances can you make that new debt will not be incurred?
A: As a condition of accepting certain matching grants for the debt retirement campaign, JFGO has committed in writing that it will not borrow money for any capital improvements for the 10 years following retirement of the debt.


Q: Where did the debt come from?
A:  As our community grew in the 1970s and ’80s, the demand for the programs and services offered on campus grew as well. The campus underwent a major expansion from 2002 to 2005, with construction of a new building for the Jewish Academy of Orlando as well as renovations to Jewish Community Center (JCC) facilities such as the senior lounge and auditorium. Construction costs totaled $12.3 million. Existing mortgages and associated expenses, such as loan fees, interest and carrying costs on bonds, brought the total expansion cost to $13.86 million.

How the debt stifled growth

Our campus suffered

Servicing the debt consumed financial resources that could have been used to pay for needed upgrades to modernize our facilities. Retiring the debt allows us to replenish our campus reserve funds and make needed upgrades.

Our community suffered

The cost of carrying the debt limited the resources that could be released into the community in the form of grants and other allocations that address the critical needs of all our constituents.

Innovation was hindered

Central Florida is a thriving, growing region. JFGO, The Roth Family JCC and the JAO must grow along with it or risk falling short of fulfilling our respective missions. Unfortunately, budgetary constraints brought on by the debt have kept us in a mode of maintaining the status quo rather than creating new engagement opportunities.

Resources were stretched

The JFGO, The Roth Family JCC and the JAO had to devote valuable staff hours each year for fundraising just to maintain existing programs and services, often at the cost of forgoing potential outreach efforts to underserved members of our community.

A debt-free campus means:

Investing in our community

JFGO allocations such as collaborative grants represent a valuable investment in the people of the Greater Orlando Jewish community. Retiring the debt has freed up funds for these purposes.

Expanding our reach

A debt-free Federation is now better positioned to provide assistance and meaningful programming for Baby Boomers, the elderly and other important but currently underserved constituents.

Refocusing our mission

Retiring the debt will allow all of our campus agencies to dedicate themselves to their missions, rather than devoting resources to capital campaigns and debt payments. It is central to JFGO’s mission that the money we spend directly benefits our constituents and that our donors’ contributions do as much good as possible for the greatest number of people.

Revitalizing our community

The availability of the funds that have been consumed by servicing the debt will be a game changer for our community. As we reclaim the time and resources that were devoted to shoring up stressed finances, volunteers and staff will be freed up to serve, create and innovate with new programming and services.

407-645-5933 ext. 236

Jewish Federation offices


Let us know how we can help you!

Yonit Arthur

Yonit Arthur

Personal Trainer and Strength Coach


Yonit Arthur, a.k.a. “Coach/Dr. Yo," is a personal trainer and strength coach, and is currently building a boutique gym for women. She is also a licensed doctor of audiology with specialties in hearing and balance disorders, so she can get you fit and test your hearing at the same time! Yonit’s family moved to Israel when she was a child, and although she has made Central Florida her home, she visits her parents, siblings and nephews there often.

In the leadership program, her special interest is in helping working women and young mothers -- who are often overwhelmed with demands on their time and emotional energy- connect to their Jewish community and heritage in actionable, attainable ways.

By empowering people to find meaning and purpose on their own terms, she hopes to create momentum for positive change in our Central Florida community.

Stacey Fishkin

Stacey Fishkin

Recreation Guest Experience Manager


Stacey is originally from Springfield, NJ. In 2006, she graduated from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island with a degree in Sports, Entertainment and Event Management. From there, she was accepted into the Disney College program for a 7-month internship. During her internship, she knew she wanted to make working at Disney a career. She was able to advance in her Disney journey overseeing roles under the Recreation umbrella, including Lifeguards, Children’s Activities, Marinas and Training.

Upon moving to Orlando, she became involved with the Jewish Federation’s Or Hadash group, which connected her to other young Jewish people. In 2015, she and her husband, Mike, welcomed their first son, Joshua.

Stacey says it was important to them that Joshua carried on the same Jewish values as she did growing up. They were happy to learn about The Roth Family JCC’s Richard S. Adler Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) and knew it would be a great learning environment. In 2017, they welcomed a second son, Ethan, and later enrolled him at the ECLC.

Since 2017, Stacey’s family have been active members at the JCC and have built strong relationships in the community with other ECLC families. Stacey am excited to start her journey with the Bornstein Leadership Development Program and develop as a young Jewish Leader in the community.

Stacy Gotlib

Stacy Gotlib

Public school principal


Stacy Gotlib is married to Daniel Gotiib and has lived in the Orlando area since 1994, moving here from South Florida. She is very active both in her school community and the Jewish Community.

As a public school principal, she is a facilitator in training for the Florida Department of Education Commissioner’s Leadership Academy. In the Jewish Community, she serves on the Board of Trustees and is stepping into the role of Youth Committee Chair at Congregation Ohev Shalom. She has been a table captain at Choices for several years and she is very involved in SPARK Orlando’s leadership team.

Both of her children are very active in the Jewish Community, too. As such, Stacy is very passionate about building lasting relationships in the Jewish Community so that people of all ages continue to benefit from all that we offer.

Sarah Koren

Sarah Koren



Sarah is Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Education Law. She serves as an attorney in the Orange County Public School’s Office of Legal Services where she specializes in exceptional student education and Office of Civil Rights student matters. She also provides legal support in the areas of McKay Scholarship, testing, behavior support, restraint/seclusion, accommodations and transition. Prior to joining the Office of Legal Services, Sarah served as an attorney in the Special Education and Mental Health Law Unit of Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc., where she represented dependent youth and families in special education, dependency, delinquency, and mental health matters. Prior to working at CLSMF, Sarah worked at the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association, as an Equal Justice Works Fellow/Guardian ad Litem Program Education Attorney representing the educational and dependency (foster care) needs of foster youth.

Rachel Slavkin

Rachel Slavkin



Rachel brings to the Bornstein program years of leadership in her passion for working with and helping individuals with special needs. Rachel earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Special Education from Penn State University and has been working in the field for over 25 years. Rachel has taught special education in the K-12 system and was Special Education Department Chair of a public school district in Pennsylvania before moving to Central Florida. Rachel now serves on the faculty of Seminole State College in the Adult Education department. As a facilitator for Social Bridges, she leads social skills therapy groups for adolescents and adults with social challenges.

Rachel is one of the founding members on the Jewish Federation’s RAISE (Recognizing Abilities & Inclusion of Special Employees) Leadership Team and currently serves as Director of Employment and Education. Rachel’s family is the center of her life. She married the boy 7 houses away (so not technically next door). Rachel and her husband have two children, a son in college, and a daughter just beginning her post-collegiate “adult” life. Rachel is enjoying being an empty-nester with her husband and their 2 dogs.