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We pose this challenge to you in December:

Share YOUR light with Federation! With your help, we can spark amazing change and make 2022 brighter than ever.

BELONGING: Creating spaces where everyone feels included. DONATE NOW

$500 provides one Family Engagement Program

Family Engagement Programs include things like our Popsicles in the Park, Listen by the Lake, Shabbat under the Stars, and other programs designed to create opportunities for families to engage in Jewish life.


$40 provides one PJ Library Subscription for a year

PJ Library provides free monthly Jewish-themed books that are delivered directly to a child’s home and are sent to the child.  This creates excitement each month as they get mail and they get their new book.  PJ Library enhances Jewish life in the home as parents read these books to their children, creating new Jewish traditions.


MUTUALITY, ISRAEL & OVERSEAS: Connecting our shared future in Orlando, Israel, and beyond. DONATE NOW

$40,000 will bring two Shinshinim to our community for a year

Shinshinim are Israelis who just graduated high school and defer their military service to come to Orlando to spend a year bringing Israel and Israeli culture to our community.  They work with all of our agencies, synagogues, and organizations to help instill Israel as a part of our daily life.


$11,000 Sister City of Kiryat Motzkin

In our sister city of Kiryat Motzkin, we provide critical funding for two programs.  One of these works with Holocaust survivors.  The other one deals with at-risk teens and provides them with leadership skills.  This funding ensures that both these programs continue to have a significant impact in Kiryat Motzkin.


$7,000 will construct a new IDF lounge in Hebron for Israeli soldiers

At the top of the mountain in Hebron (home to the burial site of our Matriarchs and Patriarchs) is an IDF base.  The soldiers who serve at that base currently have no place to spend time when they are not on duty.  This funding would take an existing space and convert it to a lounge for them with furniture, a TV, X-Box, and other things to ensure they have a nice place to rest and relax when they are off duty.


EMPOWERMENT :Elevating our community through inclusivity, innovation, education, and spirituality. DONATE NOW

$5,000 will fund a Women Together Workshop

This funding will enable us to bring in a high-level speaker and/or program to engage the community and empower women to learn and make change together.


$360 will fund a Women Together Program

Women Together programs include things like Wine and S’mores, the Women’s Seder, and Bolder and Fabulous.  These programs bring women together to bond and build their own Jewish network.


$100 funds one week of a RAISE employee

RAISE, our program to provide social and job skills to persons with special needs, pays special needs employees for their job. This includes job and social skills training as well as meaningful work experience in our Jewish agencies. Your funding helps ensure RAISE is able to continue their amazing work


COMMUNITY SECURITY: Strengthening robust safety procedures and regular communication with local, state, and federal law enforcement. DONATE NOW

$1,000 will fund current Community Crisis Responses

This funding helps ensure that we are positioned to address communal issues when they arise, such as rallies for Israel, addressing hate groups, and other recent issues.