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Bathroom Safety

Statistics show that many preventable accidents like falls occur in bathrooms. Wet floors and small spaces are some of the causes for concern in a bathroom setting. 

Tips to Aid in Transfers:

  • Do not pull on a person’s arms or under their shoulders.
  • Use a gait belt secured around the loved one’s waist for assistance.
  • Explain each step of the transfer, then give physical assistance and verbal cues during the movement.
  • Allow a loved one time to comprehend what’s expected and to follow through even if he or she is slow.

Bathroom Modeling Tips:

On a toilet, a raised seat or toilet safety frame is recommended to complete the transfer as safely as possible. It is ideal to replace a tub with a stall and a shower chair. Another essential tool for a bathroom transfer is a non-skid bathmat. Grab bars are a must for any caregiver looking to make a loved one’s bathroom transfer-friendly. 

Safety Measures in the Bathroom Design:

  • Use anti-skid material for the bathroom floor.
  • Keep the floor clean and dry.
  • Limit obstacles in the floor plan.
  • Use non-slip strips in your tub or shower.
  • Select impact-resistant shower and bathtub attachments.
  • Put a bathmat with non-skid base next to the bathtub and shower.
  • Install scald-prevention devices, these devices will keep a check on the water temperature.
  • Electrical switches and plugs should always be kept away from water sources.
  • Make sure all electrical outlets have ground fault circuit interrupters.
  • Use door locks that can be unlocked from both sides.

While most seniors face major adjustments when transitioning to an elder-care community, Jewish seniors face additional challenges. Not only do they lose their homes, and many of their friends, but they also lose ties to their cultural heritage. This is where the Jewish Pavilion, a 501c3 non-profit, steps in. The Pavilion serves as a resource that provides room visits, festive holiday celebrations, and more to 450 Jewish residents across 50 senior facilities. The Jewish Pavilion promotes inclusion, and thousands of seniors of all faiths are welcomed into our programs.

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