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This holiday season, don’t neglect your health. January is a month with some of the highest levels of ER visits, mainly because people don’t want to ruin the holiday vibe and wait to seek out medical care. If you need help, don’t put it off! Continue your routine healthcare, like taking your medication as prescribed, seeing your counselor via telehealth, or doing your best to stay on track with any special dietary restrictions.

From counseling, to our emergency food pantry, to our RIDE program, JFS Orlando is dedicated to putting your wellness first. Visit JFSorlando.org or call (407) 644-7593 to learn more.

The Gift of Hearing: A Hanukkah Miracle

My mother, Gloria Newberger, received the greatest Hanukkah gift ever: the gift of hearing! For many years, she did not consider wearing hearing aids, but when a friend’s father passed away, her friend asked if my mother was interested in taking his hearing aids. She decided to give them a try.

Our first visit to Miracle Ear was nothing short of, well, miraculous! Their hearing test was extensive, and when it was over, we learned my mother had failed every single portion of it. The doctor informed us she had waited too long for hearing aids, and the best she would ever hear was 28% of normal hearing. But that 28% made a world of difference! For the first time in such a long time, my mother could hear, and our conversations have since improved immensely. It’s a wonder how much this technology has improved my mother’s day-to-day life.

If you have a piece of equipment that may a benefit a senior, please consider donating it to the Jewish Pavilion at (407) 678-9363. Over the years, we have provided scooters, walkers, canes, and assistive devices for the blind. Your unused items can greatly enhance the quality of life for a senior. You, too, can perform a Hanukkah miracle!