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Think Pink 2 A Breast Cancer Awareness Event


Join us to learn more about Breast Cancer with a focus on young women. This is a virtual program with a panel consisting of representatives from Sharsheret, JScreen, Susan B Komen, Drs and community members. Partnering Organizations: Spark, Susan B Komen, JScreen, Sharsheret CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Facebook Event Page Event Schedule 10:00 – Welcome: […]

Holocaust Survivor Renee Kann Siver


Renée Kann Silver was born in 1931 in the Saarland. After a plebiscite in 1935 called for reunification with Germany, her family moved to France. Because they were of German origin, when the War broke out in France in May 1940, her family was interned in Gurs, but they were released once the Armistice was […]