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In summer 2019, I attended the Paradigm Project conference in Chicago. A three-day immersive learning experience for Jewish Early Childhood Educators. There were a multitude of workshops throughout the week, some more memorable than others. One of the sessions I attended was titled Embracing the Chaos. I was intrigued right away as embracing chaos is not a strong quality of mine. Fast forward to less than a year later, I found myself as the mom of two kids in a pandemic. Thinking back to those three days in Chicago, in my own hotel room, no children, dogs, or husband around, I certainly never could have imagined what was ahead. Now, a year into Covid-19, I am asking myself….what has protected my family’s peace? What has gotten us through almost 365 days of raising two small children who look like my husband with personalities like mine? Besides preschool reopening (thank you to the ECLC at the Roth Family JCC), we have made it through the past year by EMBRACING THE CHAOS. The mess of toys will always be there. The to-do list will never end. There will always be endless laundry and dishes and, and, and, and, and….I am (trying to) embrace it all as I know there will be a time when the chaos calms, the dishes and laundry will settle, the toys will minimize and the to-do list will be shortened. We are happy, we are healthy and we are getting through this together.