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Two weeks ago, my friend Atif Fareed from the American Muslim Community Clinic reached out to let me know that they were approved to give the Pfizer Covid Vaccine and wanted to save spots for their “Jewish brothers and sisters’.  I had the honor last week of helping people get vaccinated.

Atif reached out this week with even more spots for me to help people get vaccinated.  I have been overwhelmed both weeks with the people who have reached out, the individual stories of their trying to get vaccinated without success, and my ability to help them get the vaccine.

Each time I register somebody, I get a wave of gratitude.  To Atif and the AMCC along with the fact that I have the privilege of helping people.

There are people I have spoken with about this who have inspired me and who I will never forget.  People who desperately wanted the vaccine but weren’t able to get it until now.

One of the great benefits of working for The Roth Family JCC and The Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando is that I truly get to change and impact lives on a daily basis.  This has been an even higher level of impact than I imagined.

Thank you to everybody who used their networks to let people know about the opportunity and who reached out to ask if people they knew could get a spot.  They may be grateful to you but so am I.  And thank you again to Atif and the Muslim Community who opened their hearts, their community center, and their community clinic.