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RAISE unveils 2 new logos!


RAISE, the Jewish Federation’s work and social skills training program for adults with special needs, is proud to announce the launch of two “brand” new logos!

Collaboration with Jewish agencies and businesses in our community has been a priority for RAISE since its inception in 2012. Our Community Alliance with Paula Breeden, founder and president of ASD Adult Achievement Center, began several years ago when she volunteered as a RAISE Job Coach. Soon thereafter, Paula opened ASD Achievement Center. In partnership with Bright Feats Directory, the program empowers young adults on the autism spectrum by offering participants an opportunity to learn new vocational skills including graphic design and technology.

The RAISE relationship with ASD Adult Achievement and its team of talented Graphic Art designers led to the creation and their donation of the beautiful new RAISE logo above! Thank you Paula, Luigi, Julia and Nolan!

RAISE on the Road

At the request of other Jewish communities around the country to replicate our program, RAISE has been developing a program, called RAISE on the Road, to facilitate teaching in a seminar format. And of course, RAISE on the Road needed a logo of its own.

This past year, RAISE was fortunate to have had Dean as an employee. Dean came to RAISE with a background in graphic arts and was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to design a logo for RAISE on the Road.

In addition to his working at Jewish Family Services and the Jewish Academy of Orlando, Dean also spent many hours creating and then refining the new logo with Federation staff. Thank you, Dean!

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Congratulations to Employee of the Month – Jessica!


Jessica has been an appreciatedand valuable Employee of both the Jewish Family Services Food Pantry and the Roth Family JCC Fitness Center since October 2018.

At JFS, Jessica has the important role of helping to unload boxes of food and preparing bags of food for clients.

At the Fitness Center, Jessica washes, dries and folds the laundry and keeps the exercise rooms sanitized for all the clients.

Jessica has worked hard to learn her routine tasks at both positions and is receptive to feedback from her job coaches. Her job coaches are in awe of how much Jessica has progressed during her time in RAISE.

Being in RAISE has pushed Jessica out of her comfort zone, which will be a benefit when Jessica transitions to community employment.

Jessica’s polite manners make her enjoyable to be around and her smile can light up any room.

We are fortunate to have Jessica on the RAISE team!

RAISE Thanks Robin Hoffman and Alexis Latimore!

RAISE is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to film a Promotional Video thanks to the generosity of Robin Hoffman and Alexis Latimore.

Robin Hofmann of Hoffy’s Heart is the producer of Bake With Me, a YouTube video series that gives a voice to individuals with disabilities… while baking gluten free recipes! Thank you, Robin and camerawoman extraordinaire Alexis, for making this possible for RAISE.

Check out Hoffy’s Heart YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZJwl00SBsC3BrWHdMSNz6g.

RAISE Employee of the Month

Isabelle has been an Employee of the JCC Fitness Center since October 2018 and recently, an appreciated member of the JCC office staff.

At the fitness center, Isabelle works to keep the gym equipment sparkling clean and sanitized and the towels washed, dried, folded and restocked for clients. She has a special bond with Tara Harris, the Sports, Fitness, and Aquatics Director.

In the JCC office, Isabelle has started scanning boxes of documents so that previous files can now be stored electronically. This eliminates the need to keep years of paper records.

When Isabelle began working with RAISE, she was a shy and quiet young lady. It has been a pleasure to watch her become a hard working, competent, and self assured RAISE Employee. Isabelle is willing to do any task asked of her without hesitation.

Isabelle is an active participant at Lunch and Learn. She asks insightful questions, participates in conversations, and is always part of our group activities.

We are fortunate to have Isabelle on the RAISE team!

Mia named RAISE Employee of the Month!

Mia has been a valuable RAISE Employee and member of the JCC and the Jewish Academy of Orlando staff October 2018.

At the JCC, Mia helps to sort the mail, scan papers, vacuum the offices, and do any needed clerical work.

At the Jewish Academy of Orlando, Mia assists the children during art class and re-shelves and labels books in the school library.

Mia is a hard worker and a dedicated employee, undertaking assigned tasks with diligence.

Mia has recently shown flexibility when her routine has needed to change and “goes with the flow” in each of her work environments.

At Lunch and Learn, Mia participates and contributes to the discussions.

Through RAISE, Mia is learning the skills needed to find and keep employment in the community.

We are lucky to have Mia on the RAISE team!