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Yonit Arthur

Personal Trainer and Strength Coach

Yonit Arthur, a.k.a. “Coach/Dr. Yo”, is a personal trainer and strength coach, and is currently building a boutique gym for women. She is also a licensed doctor of audiology with specialties in hearing and balance disorders, so she can get you fit and test your hearing at the same time! Yonit’s family moved to Israel when she was a child, and although she has made central Florida her home, she visits her parents, siblings and nephews there often. In the leadership program, her special interest is in helping working women and young mothers- who are often overwhelmed with demands on their time and emotional energy- connect to their Jewish community and heritage in actionable, attainable ways. By empowering people to find meaning and purpose on their own terms, she hopes to create momentum for positive change in our central Florida community.