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BOLD Choices

An Evening of Story & Song with Michelle Azar

At Harriett’s Orlando Ballet Centre

5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Thursday, April 28, 2022



Each year, Women Together is proud to honor Jewish women in Orlando who are truly making a difference in their community. In 2021, our word of the year was BRAVE, and we honored women who exemplified courage and resilience.

This year, our word is BOLD—but what exactly does it mean to be bold?

To us, BOLD means taking risks, living with courage, daring to make a change.

Our BOLD nominees are women who are making a difference—in their own lives, in the lives of their families and friends, in Jewish Orlando and beyond. Their stories are filled with perseverance, selflessness, and soaring against the odds. These bold women are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs and values, even in the most difficult of situations. Kol hakavod!


Nominations for Bold Choices closed on Friday, March 3rd.


#BeBoldLike Lauren Zimmerman

Lauren Zimmerman’s life has been full of bold moves, whether it be starting law school at 32, starting a family at 40, opening a bookstore, and heading the Winter Park Institute. We’re inspired by the far-reaching impact she’s had!

#BeBoldLike Michal Osteen

Michal Osteen pours herself into helping others, lending her energy and wisdom to aid people through difficult times. Her compassion and resilience in the face of loss are an inspiration to us all.

#BeBoldLike Raquel Fernandez

Raquel Fernandez’s fervent work as the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Organizing Representative has led to significant environmental victories that directly improve the health and quality of life of families right here in Orlando. We’re grateful for her perseverance and courage.

#BeBoldLike Julie Leventhal

Julie Leventhal mentors and empowers young female athletes, impacting the lives of so many. Her junior golf program is one of the best in Central Florida!

#BeBoldLike Dr. Sharon Jaffe

Dr. Sharon Jaffe’s fertility work has helped cancer survivors, LGBTQ families, and others struggling with infertility to build the families of their dreams. Her dedication is an inspiration.

#BeBoldLike Itana Pinansky

Itana Pinansky is a beacon of strength to all who know her. A hospice worker and devoted mother, Itana’s perseverance and compassion inspire us all.

#BeBoldLike Jana Gluck

Jana Gluck’s work as a body positive fine arts model makes her a role model to many. In the words of one nominator, “She lives out loud in her own truth, her own power, in her own expression.”

#BeBoldLike Geanne Share

Geanne Share became the president of her synagogue while still recovering from cancer treatment. If that isn’t bold, we don’t know what is! Geanne’s strength and dedication are a gift to the Orlando Jewish community.

#BeBoldLike Pam Porres

Pam Porres faces adversity with courage and strength. Despite challenges in her own life, Pam is dedicated to serving others, volunteering as a RAISE job coach and at many other Jewish agencies over the years.

#BeBoldLike Barbara Chasnov

In the words of her nominator, Barbara Chasnov is “an amazing woman!” Barbara is always willing to help others through her volunteering and generosity. We admire her compassion and strength!

#BeBoldLike Rachel Greenspan

Rachel Greenspan has never met a challenge she could not overcome. Whether it’s her 18-year career in early childhood education or her professional journey into assisted living, Rachel never settles for less than excellence.

#BeBoldLike Sandra Bartholomew

Sandra Bartholomew is the epitome of a bold woman. She made the courageous decision to leave her husband after decades of abuse, and today she dedicates herself to her successful career, her growing family, and Jewish life.

#BeBoldLike Renee Seltzer

Renee Seltzer owns a thriving marketing and digital agency in Orlando, with one of the largest online universities in the US as a client! In addition to her professional success, Renee is active in many Jewish organizations in Orlando.

#BeBoldLike Orly Diamond

Orly Diamond is a fierce advocate for Jewish education, Zionism, and the fight against antisemitism. The granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, Orly boldly emigrated alone from Venezula after Chavez came to power.

#BeBoldLike Pamela Saffran

Whether through her work in psychology, as an author, or more, Pam has touched countless lives. In honor of her late husband, Pam created a scholarship fund to help students who have lost a parent. Her compassion and leadership inspire us.

#BeBoldLike Samra Gotlib

Growing up in Baghdad, Samra always longed to see the world and learn how other people lived. She bravely left her family to go to England on her own to pursue higher education. Her courage and determination to spread her wings inspires us.


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