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Take Time to Celebrate You

By: Ashley Bundis, Marketing Director & Keith Dvorchik, Executive Director

Alicia Keys says: “I recognized how important paying attention to the spirit and the soul is, in order to find yourself in a place that feels good. There has to be this inward dialogue and inward attention paid to what surrounds us, and how to be brave enough to choose ourselves.”

As we prepare for Purim and then Passover, before the rush of the holidays, take time for you. No, this is not a joke.  This has been a crazy past 12 months. I remember last year at this time trying to wrap my head around how to do a virtual seder while embracing my feelings of remorse on the whole situation.  Now, a year later, I am attracted to easy, doable, and convenient. This time, it is important for us to take time for ourselves.

Community support has proven to be the golden ticket towards goodness, awareness, and self-care.  Here at the Federation, we strive to be more than a resource. We are a family.  We are so excited to announce the premiere of two upcoming next endeavors that will hopefully bring great joy and happiness to your lives.

SOULCARE MONTH, coming in March, is an entire month curated to help you find ways to keep your peace safe.  March 2021 will be enriched with self-care experts, Rabbis, and community members offering an abundance of activities, discussions, books, and community 💜 that are sure to ground, protect and nourish.

Additionally, since this Passover is unlike any other Passover, the Federation will be launching its very own Passover Playbook presented by the Brown Home Group.  This 2021 essential digital treasure offers a grand look at how every Seder is unique, tips on new Passover trends, recipes, children’s activities, and an inside peek at our Israeli connection through the holiday.

Passover is a unique holiday in that we are required to recline, to relax, to drink 4 cups of wine (or grape juice), and enjoy freedom.  If the past 12 months have taught us anything, it has been the importance of family, of friends, and of taking care of ourselves.  Soulcare month gives us nearly 30 days to pay attention to ourselves, our needs, and our spirit, concluding with Passover, celebrating freedom and joy.  I urge you to invest in yourself, to take time to celebrate you, and participate in some of these programs.  After the last year, we all deserve and need to address our own spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical needs.

Shabbat Shalom.